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"Michael and Kimberly promise to offer outstanding, no stone unturned services as they have provided throughout their entire career.  They bring to the table investigative skills that cannot be matched.​"

Furthermore, she was considered a stellar report writer and trained others in this regard as well. Kimberly took on numerous responsibilities that the firm had to offer, ranging from undercover operations to domestic investigations and surveillance. She was chosen for one (1) of two (2) available positions for the firm's client, the United States Postal Service, to exclusively conduct special investigations and surveillance. Kimberly was consistently rewarded with "Investigator of the Month" and "Investigator of the Year" awards throughout her ten (10) year employment with the aforementioned firm as well as earning several certificates of accomplishment, awards of achievement and superior work ethics, and attended numerous seminars and training courses relating to investigations, executive protection and management.

As the firm that Kimberly worked for closed the doors to their Insurance Fraud Division in 2004, she recognized this as an opportunity to offer her services to various investigative firms. She conducted work in the industry as an Independent Contractor until she was sought by a western Michigan based company to retain an Operations Manager position in 2005. Kimberly resigned her position in 2009, wanting to produce an honest, down to earth “no hype, old-fashioned sleuth/gumshoe” style of investigation that would offer clients a product that cannot be matched with today’s newest technology, and exclusively began offering investigative services under Kove Investigations as encouraged by family, friends and clients.

Michael Kove joined the Huffmaster team in 1997, as a part-time investigator, working on weekends, also having a full time job in the automotive industry.  Michael had dedicated his free time and vacation days to learn the industry and the “world of investigations” for the next twelve (12) years.  Michael has always been a team player and has proven himself to be an exceptional investigator, over the years.  In 2009 Michael and Kimberly ventured out and established Kove Investigations.

Michael is a leader, manager and instructor to our investigators. We are proud to be able to offer references that will testify to this fact, since the inception of Kove Investigations. Mr. Kove takes his job seriously. He oversees our employees and makes sure every case is managed with the utmost of quality and integrity. If there is activity to be found on behalf of your claimant, it will never pass the eyes of Mr. Kove and/or our team. You will NEVER find him or our employees “sleeping on the job” or missing important opportunities of video. We clearly get results and are highly respected in the industry. Just ask our clients!

Kimberly started her career in the field of investigations in 1994 with a large Michigan investigative firm, Huffmaster Associates, working in the Insurance Fraud Division. Kimberly quickly became recognized for her natural talent in the arena of investigative interviewing and within a matter of a few months was training employees regarding the secret of information gathering.

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